Thursday, December 23, 2010

For Sale - Vintage 1998 Cannondale Raven

1998 Cannondale Raven
Measurements: seat tube 18.5" c-t, top tube 21" c-c (actual) 21.5" c-c (virtual)
Drivetrain: Full Shimano M747 XT 8-speed
Brakes: Shimano M747 XT V-brakes
Rims: Mavic 217 26" Sunburst Color
Hubs: Hugi
Pedals: Platform with cages
Saddle: Coda titanium
Rear Shock: Fox
Front Shock: Fatty D (on/off lockout)


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New look...

...for a new year.  Maybe I'll keep this more up-to-date.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Ok just one more...

Mike and I took off this morning early to line it up one more time in 2010.  5:30 is a rough time to start a four and a half hour drive but after a few stops we made it to Chicago in record time.  It was 27 degrees when we left, but only 12 degrees with lots of sun in Chicago.

Mike lined up in the 40+ race and fought back from a rough first lap (no pre-ride on a course where a pre-ride is essential...) to finish a strong 3rd on the day.  Tire pressures around 24-ish PSI were the order of the day to keep as much traction as possible.  There were sections of the course frozen solid under snow drifts about 8-10" deep and a few off-camber ascents and downhills to keep you sharp.

By the time I raced in the 1/2 (plus consolidated 3 category) it had warmed up to a balmy 17 degrees.  Double bonus was seeing one of my cousins from Chicago who braved the cold and wind to watch another 'cross race.  Tubular tires were again essential since the course had even a few more glazed over spots and rough bumps throughout.  Ended up taking 7th out of 38 starters (2nd in the Cat 2's), which was a great way to end the season.  Starting in the third (of four) rows didn't help as it took the first 3 laps to pick through the crowds.  

Pics HERE and HERE.  Youtube video from the first lap of the 1/2/3 race HERE.  USAC results HERE.

You have to check this race out next's a perfect way to close out the season.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Jingle Cross Rock Friday Night

Ended up taking 11th in the Cat 2 field!  Course was absolutely a beast - without question Mt. Krumpet was the hardest hill / downhill I've ever raced on.  During my pre-ride I wasn't able to ride the switchback downhill completely in all four of my mid-afternoon laps.  The frozen tundra of Iowa City was getting more and more torn up with each passing rider.  The fall line was scary - if your front tire didn't grip around the turn you were got a great face full of snow fencing followed by a nice roll down the hill.  Even swapping to the green Michelin Muds was not much of a help earlier in the day, and I wasn't able to get on the course between the races before the 2/3's due to the early call-up.

So the entire family came out to freeze in the wind - swept county park.  I started on the front row due to a super quick trigger finger at 1:00 a.m. back in September.  It was great hitting Mt. Krumpet in the top 5 to avoid what was never ending carnage.  After never successfully descending Krumpet during my warmup I hit the hill with a full head of steam on the first lap.  Fortunately I picked a good line for each of five laps and never faulted.  I may not have been the fastest heading down the hill but I stayed on my bike, which was worth a lot.  I waited around for results but after an hour they were not in sight and I was hungry for leftovers.  Ended out nearly missing out on a top 10 but snagged 11th, which I was very happy with.

Here are a few pics and a video from today.
After dropping down the sketchiest downhill I've ever tackled on a 'cross bike you were treated with a quick double barrier set and a quick trip back up.

A view from Mt. Krumpet looking over the infield

The whole family braved the cold - here is the post-race shot

A view up Mt. Krumpet.  We started from the top left and took the switch back down off to the right.  Off camber the entire way and slick like ice.  Lots of big crashes...
To give you an idea on how insane Mt. Krumpet was - here is a video posted on Cyclocross Magazine's report of Day 1:


Racing tonight at 5:30 local time...course is frozen pretty solid and one of the downhills is very, very sketchy.  Pre-ride through one of the barns:

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Jingle Cross Rock

From the race promoters:

"The Grinch has awoken! He is staring down from atop Mt. Krumpit at the course construction.

And onto Iowa City, the world on cross bikes decended.
And it upset the Grinch, he was most certainly offended.
And he stood their puzzling and puzzling until his puzzler was sore.
"If these Who's ride my Mountain, I'll settle the score!"
The Grinch winced and frowned.
"who dares to race me, "he exclaimed," who will throw down!"
As the hour drew near, and the time ticked on the clock.
"I'll show YOU the meaning of cyclocross," said the Grinch, "Welcome to the Jingle Cross Rock!"

(sent on behalf of the Grinch)"

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bloomer Park

Fun race course today - Bloomer always keeps you on your toes!  Long debate on whether or not to race today - finally decided it would be worth the trip since there are so few races left in the season.  Mike and I threw our stuff in the truck and headed down.  It was WAY colder in Alma than it was when we arrived at the park.  But Bloomer never disappoints and it was a really fun course today.

My race started alright and I was able to maintain pretty consistent lap times throughout the race, which is definitely an improvement from the early season races.  Ended up in a group with Patrick Russell and Pete Thompson, and we rode around the park together for the better part of 45 minutes or so.  Andy Weir remained just out of touch and despite pushing it deep into the red zone we weren't ever able to claw back more than a few seconds from him.

The race came down to the final lap and Pete put up quite a fight.  Every section of the course I hoped to gain a bit of time on Pete wouldn't give an inch.  Going into the final set of barriers I figured it would come to a sprint but Bloomer isn't exactly very sprint friendly.  Even so, Pete had great positioning going into the final dirt section before the shelter and he was able to hold me off.  After the two were relegated for an after-race tiff I ended up 13th out of 23 starters.  23 starters in the second-to-last Tailwind Elite race of the season?  WOW.

Next up - Jingle Cross!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Stoney Creek 'cx

10th in the A's at Stoney Creek - I'm pretty sure that is the first time I've ever cracked into the top ten of an elite Tailwind event.  Maybe once when I was a junior, but definitely not since I started racing again.  Last week I broke my rear shifter and its replacement has not yet arrived.  I showed up to Stoney with my 29'er and the Singlecross, figuring one of those would suffice on the day.  Well apparently I'm still having some shifting issues with the 29'er and the SS was not going to be my best option.  Thankfully Wayne let me slap my seatpost on his 56cm CruX Carbon and off I went.  Surprisingly the 56 didn't fit nearly as bad as I thought it would - I noticed the skinny 42 cm handlebars more than the lack of stretch in the TT.  Regardless, it pretty much saved the day because my SS would have made for a long 60 minutes.

The start was pretty clean and I settled into the group of guys that I would usually be around.  But this time within two laps I was up with Rich Stark, and I never manage to hang around with him too terribly long.  Tim Saari was floating around back with us but after a lap or two Tim started to spring and Rich started to fade.  Long story short, the last six laps I spent pretty much alone between two groups of pretty strong racers.

Danny Gerow and Adam York got tangled up in one of the post-road turns, giving me a carrot for the last lap.  But at that point I was pretty cooked trying not to let Andy Weir catch me so my chase was not the strongest.

Big hand goes out to Jay, who had an awesome race to snag 2nd on the day!

Next up may or may not be Bloomer - it depends on how much I feel like driving since we'll be heading shortly after to Jingle Cross!

Sunday, November 07, 2010


Too bad the attendance for Icecross today was not very good.  Weather was fantastic and the course was unique, to say the least.  Laps were in the 3:30 range!  Technical like no other course I've ridden.  The course started with a short straightaway followed by a banked, fast, off camber turn.  A bit more fast trail connected to a small section of singletrack before the triple barriers.  After winding through a few camp sites the course headed across the covered bridge into the skills park.  The sand played havoc all day in that section but was a blast to ride.  Too bad I threw myself on the ground on the last lap.  During the fall I drilled my shin on my front TRP's so hard that I undid the straddle cable.  Also, since I drove the bike into a hilly sand pile, my brake lever snapped off.  Stoney might be a day on the 29'er or I might just ride the Singlecross...

Jason Loetz took the win.  I slotted in 2nd, followed by Osgood and Seaman.  
Mike rolled well today after a solid effort on Saturday
John sweated out last night's party
Front shifter still working at this point exiting the skills section
Ahh...refreshing...  Man, I love Icecross.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

National SS Championship?

Singlespeed Championship

For all of you singlespeed racers, there’s some big possible news on the horizon that will have a serious consequence on your National Championship plans...  Read the rest HERE!

Friday, October 29, 2010

'Cross Nationals

Just posted on 'cx magazine...2012 Cyclocross Nationals will be held in January in Madison, Wisconsin!  So much for the 2011 national championships.  Maybe someone should hold an "unofficial" 2011 US National Championship race in its place!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

SVSU Red Zone


Weather prediction for today wasn't good - showers all day with highs in the low 60's.  However the day started sunny in the high 50's and only got better.  This worked out well for most of my family that came out to see the race today!

Big props to Steve Weckle and Paul Rytlewski giving the 'cross race promotion gig a shot.  The venues in Midland and SVSU are excellent and will hopefully be the sites of more races next year.  Unfortunately the attendance today was pretty poor, but with Mad Anthony gaining popularity on Saturday it would be tough to fight for the remaining scraps willing to race twice on the weekend.  Regardless, the race today was a blast and those that showed had a great day for racing.

The first race of the day for me was the team race.  Riding under the title of Vandalay Industries, we cobbled together a group of four to race the other two teams that showed up.  Mike and I decided to race the Tricross SS bikes for this one, since it isn't exactly taken too seriously.  Paul and Steve are thinking of offering a beer shortcut for next year, which could get fun.  Our win was rewarded with half gallons of BARTS beer from Bay City and containers of Heed as well.

Team Vandalay Industries
For the second race of the day, only six racers started, losing one within the first five feet.  Adam York made the trip but his pedal had different ideas, as it snapped on the start.  Corey Stange, Mike Seaman, Ray Auger (Canada) and I were left to fight things out.  The first lap was relatively tame until Corey decided to open things up hard up the hill.  He got a small gap and raced alone to the win from there.  I managed to hang on for 2nd, with Ray and Mike taking 3rd and 4th on the day.

Put these the Midland and SVSU races on your calendars for next year.  You simply can't beat the free food, free beer, great prizes, and awesome venues.
2nd for #2.  Won another 1/2 gal of BARTS beer, Heed, a Bontrager jersey courtesy of the Stable, and a sweet team race award - the SVSU Cardinal

Saturday, October 23, 2010


Don't forget about the SVSU race tomorrow behind the football stadium off of Davis Rd.!  Paul posted a map of the course HERE.

Forecast for tomorrow is in the high 50's for the morning / low 60's in the early afternoon and RAIN!

Course is FAST and will be very technical in parts with the coming precipitation.  It should be a blast!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Co-Pilot to Linden

Today's race in Linden was at a fresh new venue, which is always a fun experience.  Unfortunately the land over which the course was routed is smaller than Woodland Park in Ithaca, causing the course to resemble something closer to the Ithaca Jailhouse (mtb) trail than any 'cross race I've done in the state.  That being said, the course was fun despite the bone-jarring bumps throughout the wooded section.

My day was probably about average overall.  Not sure where I finished as Kona was pretty tired and ready to go home when I was done racing.  Not first but not last, and not lapped.

If you're not heading to Louisville for the USGP next weekend you need to get up to the Red Zone Cyclocross race at SVSU on Sunday!  Paul Rytlewski and Steve Weckle are planning another fun event.  If you missed the Big Bad Wolf race in Midland you won't want to miss this one!  Online registration closes on Friday and is available HERE.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Here are a few from today in Midland.  Overall a great day to ride bikes around a park.  Course ended up being quite a bit faster than we had intended but was overall a lot of fun.  Emphasis was placed at bike handling skills at speed.  Congrats to Tom Burke and Anne Grofvert for wins in the A-race today!

Kristie managed to get some awesome photos today...
Start of the elite race
The beach section was pretty compact and proved to be tough on the legs all day
Burke entering the sand
Simon and I rode around all day together
Last 400 m of the final lap...Simon left a small gap to his left which I took
Burying it...
The left turn immediately after this was fast
Team Drake / Argyle Army took top honors in the team race.  Andy Klumb, Anne Grofvert, and Andy Brown tore apart laps 2, 3, and 1, respectively.
The Heed and BARTS were the spoils from the team effort, and thanks to the BICYCLE HQ for a gift certificate that netted (with a bit extra) the Gore WS gloves.  Since the shop owner, John, was at the race he offered to head over to open the shop on a Sunday so I could go pick something out!

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Big Bad Wolf 'cx update

Course is set and it'll be a lot of fun.

A note on the construction on E. Ashmen.  When you come to the park approach FROM THE EAST!!!!  Figure this into your directions otherwise you'll have to take a 2.5 mile detour if you approach from the west (therefore approaching from the east anyway).  There are still detour signs if you come from the east but you're "allowed" to go to the park.  Check the map for the park HERE and plan accordingly!  Ashmen road is closed(ish...) between Waldo and just before the park entrance.

If you're coming from the south, I would take the Bay City Rd. exit and head east to Flajole Rd.   Head North on Flajole and take W. Wilder / E. Ashmen to the west.  Continue through the detour signs across US 10 to the park.

If you're coming from the north, take the Wheeler/Waldo Rd. exit and head East on Wheeler.  Turn south on Rockwell and West on Ashmen.  Proceed through the detour signs across US 10 to the park.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Updates from Midland!

Two new posts from the promoters!

Hey guys don’t be afraid of the” BIG BAD WOLF” OCT 10. Ha!
This race course is 2 miles. Each lap takes about 9-10 minutes. You’ll be done in 30-45 minutes, or an hour if your doing the advanced race.

Team race details: 4 person co-ed teams. At least one woman on the team(Or someone has to be dressed like a woman.)
The team race is where each person does only 1 lap. the teamates must "tag" the next rider before the next teammate can take off. SO if you have people, but not enough bikes, it's ok, because you can share one bike.

Theoreticaly, you and your pal/partner can both race, with only one bike.
you would ride seperate individual races, ie, one of you might ride the beginner race, and one of you the intermediate race. Then you could be on a team race. Two people - one bike! make it work.!

We are excitedly planning the last details of the BIG BAD WOLF CX Races.

The burgers are on order, beer will be on tap, Barriers have been created and painted. This saturday, we will be doing some pre=liminary course prep. Then sunday morning we will set up the course, get registration in working order ! Also, Gary will be setting up his PA system and bring some tunes for our listening pleasure.

There is construction on Ashman rd in Midland. Since our race is on sunday, There wont be construction hapenning on our race day. However, there will still be detour signs on Ashman rd. I expect there will be a way to get through on Ashman rd. SO dont take the detour signs. If I am wrong, I will change this post!

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Kiss Cross Caledonia

Mike and I made the trip out to Caledonia this morning, but unfortunately there are two identical addresses within about 15 miles of each other.  So when we arrived at the first venue, it consisted of a dead end in a subdivision by Green Lake.  Thanks to a quick phone call we got things straightened out and made it to the park just in time to see 79 B's/Masters racers take to the course.

One great think about heading to Rick's races is that you never know what exactly you're going to get.  Last year at Holland the spiral of death made its first appearance - and a smaller, less muddy version surfaced again today.  The super prestige-like courses are a fun turn from the norm.

Today only nineteen starters took the line in the A's.  Tom Burke, fresh off his great rides at the USGP's in Madison started in the back so he could practice moving through traffic!  I took it out pretty hard since the course was so technical and I wanted to stay out of trouble.  It only took Tom one lap to pass us in the lead group - and when he went by it was like a freight train steaming past.  Tom rode alone off the front and won with a big gap.

So I was left in the second group, which only consisted of Earl H and myself to ride the remaining six laps of the race.  Earl was on a mountain bike, and there were a few spots that favored the wider tires on the course.  We traded spots back and forth, pushing pretty hard through the rest of the race.  On the last lap we were coming into lapped traffic going into the spiral, so I took advantage of the crowd and jumped in front.  Earl was right on my wheel though, and after a dizzying ride through the circles I lifted the pace again as to not go into the technical singletrack section in second place.  My plan was working just fine until he attacked on the final hill, off in an area my skinny tires couldn't hope to handle.  He hit the pavement into the finishing straight first, and I had honestly figured my chances were gone.  However apparently the attack on the climb burned his las match, so he was unable to follow when I sprinted to the line, taking 2nd behind Burke.

Mike moved up from the masters class to finish 11th in the A's, which turned out to be a perfect placing for a sixer of Founders.

Next up is the Big Bad Wolf 'Cross in Midland - DON'T MISS IT!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

TCC Cyclocross Entry

Two ways to enter for the TCC cyclocross races coming up fast!  Either mail THIS in or register online HERE.

Top step for Wiz on Day 1!

Wiz managed to snag the first win of the USGP in Madison!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

'Cross Vegas coverage

CX Magazine will be covering 'cross Vegas tonight live HERE.  Be sure to check it out.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Looking Ahead...

Be sure to check these two races out!

October 10 - Midland 'cross (Stratford Woods)

October 24 - SVSU 'cross (SVSU's campus - behind the football field)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Double 'Cross Day 1

First four laps were good - last six not so much.  Ended 14th of 21 starters.  21 in an elite race?  Wow...
Photo from Mike S.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Good luck!

Wish THIS GUY good luck for this weekend's races!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kiss Cross #1 - Plaster Creek Park

So much for the weather - from what I had heard the rain was supposed to stop around 4 in G.R.  We arrived around 7:00 and it was still misting.  Great for 'cross racing but not the greatest for 'cross spectating.

The course at Plaster Creek Park was short with a long-ish paved oval track about half-way through the lap.  Rick used a start loop running into the triple stack of barriers right off the bat.  From there it wound into a dirt/sand infield before hitching up and down the ridge that separated the lower park from the upper park.  100 meters later was a single plank up the same hill, forcing a short run-up to the oval track.  The course wound back down the ridge into the lower park, followed by a loopy section through the trees before looping back into the triple stack of barriers.

From the gun I took the hole shot, figuring the triple barriers 200 m from the start would be a bit sketchy with a pack of sprinting riders in the first 'cross race of the year.  About half a lap later Tom Burke, a guy from Indiana came roaring around me.  I maintained contact for a short while when Ben Whitehead jumped as well.  About 4 laps into the race I caught Ben but was unable to shake him - every time we hit the pavement he would take some time, but then I'd gain it back over the barriers or through the trees.  We juggled 40-50 m between us for the remaining laps but in the end I was unable to close.  Pressure from behind from Ron Stack and Patrick Russell helped keep me motivated as well, since both of them were within 10-15 seconds for the entire race.  After 12 laps I ended up 4th, which I was very happy with.

Big props to Kristie who braved the rain and mist to watch a bunch of guys ride road bikes around a park!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Elites pushed back to 1:30

So based on THIS flyer for the double cross on September 18 and 19, it looks like the Elites are once again pushed back to the end of the day...

Thursday, September 02, 2010

CX Magazine September Industry News

Issue 10 is going to feature an article I wrote about running one or two front chainrings - and it will now be in FULL COLOR and sold at major retailers across the country.

If you're already a subscriber, issue 10 will be shipping shortly.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Jonathan Page on CX Magazine


CXM: That means you’re going to skip Nationals? How come?

JP: Basically, it’s like this: I won Nationals, at one point, three years in a row. It did nothing – financially or otherwise – for me, other than that I had a cool-looking jersey and bragging rights.

Interesting the rest HERE!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Monday, August 23, 2010


I don't know why I find THIS so funny on Cyclocross Magazine, but I do.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Since there were only a handful of these even made, these rarely come up for sale.  Mine is in need of a paint job, but the one for sale looks to be in amazing condition.  Need a great dirt road bike with a 57 top tube?  Price is right, in my opinion.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Grattan Pics

A few from 8/18
Great weather tonight but I almost missed the start of the 17-lap ride.

Mike put in a dig early but then took a last minute flyer that *almost* stuck.  Timing is everything.

Attempting a break.  The Argles are officially marked men.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Rode to Unionville on Saturday morning.  Day started off warm and steamy but cleared up a bit by the time I got to Gordonville.  Met up with Paul Rytlewski in Essexville and he joined me on the way up to Unionville.  Traffic on the roads we were on wasn't bad, but M-25 was packed with traffic going to Caseville.  81.5 miles when it was all said and done, but it was a good day and I had good company.

Pine River road on the way to Midland was steamy

Crossing the Tittabawassee near where the old Tri City Cyclists Tuesday ride started


Paul Rytlewski adjusting the optics

Yellow anti-schlep vests are the new black

Kona even got in the Cheeseburger mood

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

MMCC Sweat Shaker

Last Saturday's Sweat Shaker at MMCC didn't go quite as planned for me.  Despite a great day for a race on a great trail, my hopes were dashed when I burped my front tire and subsequently crashed.  Despite only five of us lining up in the "Open" category the pace was moderate through most of the first lap.

We took it out at a reasonable pace on the 4-mile start loop leading back into campus.  I dove into the singletrack behind Jeff, the race promoter, but he had a slight mishap about 2 miles into the lap.  I took the lead for a while before being passed by a rider, who also had a slight mishap.  Once again in the lead we rolled around at a reasonable pace.  MMCC's course can come out and bite you if you're not careful, and apparently I took it a little too hot into a turn on one of the downhill to uphill transitions.  Of course the burped tire and crash is a little like the chicken and the egg question - which came first?  The burp or the crash?

It doesn't really matter, but my tire wasn't 100% deflated so I jumped back on my bike and chased back up to the lead group of three.  It wasn't long before my tire was rapidly losing air, so controlling the bike was next to impossible through the singletrack.  After completely deflating the tire Andy Klumb, fresh off of ACL surgery, tossed me a CO2 which I couldn't get to function.  I decided it would be best to just start running.

Two miles later I was at the car stuffing a tube into my front wheel.  Kristie and I had a nice chat and I decided to go back and finish the race, thinking I was all but finished.  The next 12-ish miles went smoothly - I didn't drill it but I rode at a nice pace.  Apparently after a 30-minute delay that was good enough to still hang on for fourth place, but I was disappointed I couldn't fight it out for third at least.

Big props to both Wayne and Mike, taking top honors in their races too!  The Argyle Army is looking prepped for a strong 'cross season...

Monday, August 09, 2010

Tri-City Cyclocross

Check out two new races for the fall!

10/9 Midland 'Cross

10/24 SVSU 'Cross

Friday, August 06, 2010

USGP Registration

Online registration for this year's USGP events opens TONIGHT at 12:01...don't be late and get a bad starting spot!