Thursday, November 25, 2010

Jingle Cross Rock

From the race promoters:

"The Grinch has awoken! He is staring down from atop Mt. Krumpit at the course construction.

And onto Iowa City, the world on cross bikes decended.
And it upset the Grinch, he was most certainly offended.
And he stood their puzzling and puzzling until his puzzler was sore.
"If these Who's ride my Mountain, I'll settle the score!"
The Grinch winced and frowned.
"who dares to race me, "he exclaimed," who will throw down!"
As the hour drew near, and the time ticked on the clock.
"I'll show YOU the meaning of cyclocross," said the Grinch, "Welcome to the Jingle Cross Rock!"

(sent on behalf of the Grinch)"

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