Thursday, December 23, 2010

For Sale - Vintage 1998 Cannondale Raven

1998 Cannondale Raven
Measurements: seat tube 18.5" c-t, top tube 21" c-c (actual) 21.5" c-c (virtual)
Drivetrain: Full Shimano M747 XT 8-speed
Brakes: Shimano M747 XT V-brakes
Rims: Mavic 217 26" Sunburst Color
Hubs: Hugi
Pedals: Platform with cages
Saddle: Coda titanium
Rear Shock: Fox
Front Shock: Fatty D (on/off lockout)


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New look...

...for a new year.  Maybe I'll keep this more up-to-date.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Ok just one more...

Mike and I took off this morning early to line it up one more time in 2010.  5:30 is a rough time to start a four and a half hour drive but after a few stops we made it to Chicago in record time.  It was 27 degrees when we left, but only 12 degrees with lots of sun in Chicago.

Mike lined up in the 40+ race and fought back from a rough first lap (no pre-ride on a course where a pre-ride is essential...) to finish a strong 3rd on the day.  Tire pressures around 24-ish PSI were the order of the day to keep as much traction as possible.  There were sections of the course frozen solid under snow drifts about 8-10" deep and a few off-camber ascents and downhills to keep you sharp.

By the time I raced in the 1/2 (plus consolidated 3 category) it had warmed up to a balmy 17 degrees.  Double bonus was seeing one of my cousins from Chicago who braved the cold and wind to watch another 'cross race.  Tubular tires were again essential since the course had even a few more glazed over spots and rough bumps throughout.  Ended up taking 7th out of 38 starters (2nd in the Cat 2's), which was a great way to end the season.  Starting in the third (of four) rows didn't help as it took the first 3 laps to pick through the crowds.  

Pics HERE and HERE.  Youtube video from the first lap of the 1/2/3 race HERE.  USAC results HERE.

You have to check this race out next's a perfect way to close out the season.