Monday, November 15, 2010

Stoney Creek 'cx

10th in the A's at Stoney Creek - I'm pretty sure that is the first time I've ever cracked into the top ten of an elite Tailwind event.  Maybe once when I was a junior, but definitely not since I started racing again.  Last week I broke my rear shifter and its replacement has not yet arrived.  I showed up to Stoney with my 29'er and the Singlecross, figuring one of those would suffice on the day.  Well apparently I'm still having some shifting issues with the 29'er and the SS was not going to be my best option.  Thankfully Wayne let me slap my seatpost on his 56cm CruX Carbon and off I went.  Surprisingly the 56 didn't fit nearly as bad as I thought it would - I noticed the skinny 42 cm handlebars more than the lack of stretch in the TT.  Regardless, it pretty much saved the day because my SS would have made for a long 60 minutes.

The start was pretty clean and I settled into the group of guys that I would usually be around.  But this time within two laps I was up with Rich Stark, and I never manage to hang around with him too terribly long.  Tim Saari was floating around back with us but after a lap or two Tim started to spring and Rich started to fade.  Long story short, the last six laps I spent pretty much alone between two groups of pretty strong racers.

Danny Gerow and Adam York got tangled up in one of the post-road turns, giving me a carrot for the last lap.  But at that point I was pretty cooked trying not to let Andy Weir catch me so my chase was not the strongest.

Big hand goes out to Jay, who had an awesome race to snag 2nd on the day!

Next up may or may not be Bloomer - it depends on how much I feel like driving since we'll be heading shortly after to Jingle Cross!

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chunky dunker said...

JB, you looked good out there...well kind of, except for the tiny bike below you. But really great job! Hope to see you at Bloomer. Its always fun to see you, and would be a great race for you to loosen the legs up before Jingle Cross...