Sunday, November 07, 2010


Too bad the attendance for Icecross today was not very good.  Weather was fantastic and the course was unique, to say the least.  Laps were in the 3:30 range!  Technical like no other course I've ridden.  The course started with a short straightaway followed by a banked, fast, off camber turn.  A bit more fast trail connected to a small section of singletrack before the triple barriers.  After winding through a few camp sites the course headed across the covered bridge into the skills park.  The sand played havoc all day in that section but was a blast to ride.  Too bad I threw myself on the ground on the last lap.  During the fall I drilled my shin on my front TRP's so hard that I undid the straddle cable.  Also, since I drove the bike into a hilly sand pile, my brake lever snapped off.  Stoney might be a day on the 29'er or I might just ride the Singlecross...

Jason Loetz took the win.  I slotted in 2nd, followed by Osgood and Seaman.  
Mike rolled well today after a solid effort on Saturday
John sweated out last night's party
Front shifter still working at this point exiting the skills section
Ahh...refreshing...  Man, I love Icecross.

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chunky dunker said...

Man that was hard! Great job JB!