Sunday, November 21, 2010

Bloomer Park

Fun race course today - Bloomer always keeps you on your toes!  Long debate on whether or not to race today - finally decided it would be worth the trip since there are so few races left in the season.  Mike and I threw our stuff in the truck and headed down.  It was WAY colder in Alma than it was when we arrived at the park.  But Bloomer never disappoints and it was a really fun course today.

My race started alright and I was able to maintain pretty consistent lap times throughout the race, which is definitely an improvement from the early season races.  Ended up in a group with Patrick Russell and Pete Thompson, and we rode around the park together for the better part of 45 minutes or so.  Andy Weir remained just out of touch and despite pushing it deep into the red zone we weren't ever able to claw back more than a few seconds from him.

The race came down to the final lap and Pete put up quite a fight.  Every section of the course I hoped to gain a bit of time on Pete wouldn't give an inch.  Going into the final set of barriers I figured it would come to a sprint but Bloomer isn't exactly very sprint friendly.  Even so, Pete had great positioning going into the final dirt section before the shelter and he was able to hold me off.  After the two were relegated for an after-race tiff I ended up 13th out of 23 starters.  23 starters in the second-to-last Tailwind Elite race of the season?  WOW.

Next up - Jingle Cross!

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