Sunday, October 10, 2010


Here are a few from today in Midland.  Overall a great day to ride bikes around a park.  Course ended up being quite a bit faster than we had intended but was overall a lot of fun.  Emphasis was placed at bike handling skills at speed.  Congrats to Tom Burke and Anne Grofvert for wins in the A-race today!

Kristie managed to get some awesome photos today...
Start of the elite race
The beach section was pretty compact and proved to be tough on the legs all day
Burke entering the sand
Simon and I rode around all day together
Last 400 m of the final lap...Simon left a small gap to his left which I took
Burying it...
The left turn immediately after this was fast
Team Drake / Argyle Army took top honors in the team race.  Andy Klumb, Anne Grofvert, and Andy Brown tore apart laps 2, 3, and 1, respectively.
The Heed and BARTS were the spoils from the team effort, and thanks to the BICYCLE HQ for a gift certificate that netted (with a bit extra) the Gore WS gloves.  Since the shop owner, John, was at the race he offered to head over to open the shop on a Sunday so I could go pick something out!

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