Monday, October 04, 2010

Updates from Midland!

Two new posts from the promoters!

Hey guys don’t be afraid of the” BIG BAD WOLF” OCT 10. Ha!
This race course is 2 miles. Each lap takes about 9-10 minutes. You’ll be done in 30-45 minutes, or an hour if your doing the advanced race.

Team race details: 4 person co-ed teams. At least one woman on the team(Or someone has to be dressed like a woman.)
The team race is where each person does only 1 lap. the teamates must "tag" the next rider before the next teammate can take off. SO if you have people, but not enough bikes, it's ok, because you can share one bike.

Theoreticaly, you and your pal/partner can both race, with only one bike.
you would ride seperate individual races, ie, one of you might ride the beginner race, and one of you the intermediate race. Then you could be on a team race. Two people - one bike! make it work.!

We are excitedly planning the last details of the BIG BAD WOLF CX Races.

The burgers are on order, beer will be on tap, Barriers have been created and painted. This saturday, we will be doing some pre=liminary course prep. Then sunday morning we will set up the course, get registration in working order ! Also, Gary will be setting up his PA system and bring some tunes for our listening pleasure.

There is construction on Ashman rd in Midland. Since our race is on sunday, There wont be construction hapenning on our race day. However, there will still be detour signs on Ashman rd. I expect there will be a way to get through on Ashman rd. SO dont take the detour signs. If I am wrong, I will change this post!

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