Sunday, October 24, 2010

SVSU Red Zone


Weather prediction for today wasn't good - showers all day with highs in the low 60's.  However the day started sunny in the high 50's and only got better.  This worked out well for most of my family that came out to see the race today!

Big props to Steve Weckle and Paul Rytlewski giving the 'cross race promotion gig a shot.  The venues in Midland and SVSU are excellent and will hopefully be the sites of more races next year.  Unfortunately the attendance today was pretty poor, but with Mad Anthony gaining popularity on Saturday it would be tough to fight for the remaining scraps willing to race twice on the weekend.  Regardless, the race today was a blast and those that showed had a great day for racing.

The first race of the day for me was the team race.  Riding under the title of Vandalay Industries, we cobbled together a group of four to race the other two teams that showed up.  Mike and I decided to race the Tricross SS bikes for this one, since it isn't exactly taken too seriously.  Paul and Steve are thinking of offering a beer shortcut for next year, which could get fun.  Our win was rewarded with half gallons of BARTS beer from Bay City and containers of Heed as well.

Team Vandalay Industries
For the second race of the day, only six racers started, losing one within the first five feet.  Adam York made the trip but his pedal had different ideas, as it snapped on the start.  Corey Stange, Mike Seaman, Ray Auger (Canada) and I were left to fight things out.  The first lap was relatively tame until Corey decided to open things up hard up the hill.  He got a small gap and raced alone to the win from there.  I managed to hang on for 2nd, with Ray and Mike taking 3rd and 4th on the day.

Put these the Midland and SVSU races on your calendars for next year.  You simply can't beat the free food, free beer, great prizes, and awesome venues.
2nd for #2.  Won another 1/2 gal of BARTS beer, Heed, a Bontrager jersey courtesy of the Stable, and a sweet team race award - the SVSU Cardinal

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SpeedyChix said...

Bummed to miss the second race. They are on the calendar for 2011.