Sunday, October 09, 2011


On Saturday a small handful of us went out to SVSU to get the course set up.  The area of campus that we race on is basically a blank slate with a few nice features, which includes a running track and a pretty steep hill.  For those of you that raced last year there were a few changes made but the overall flavor was the same.  One thing is for sure - setting up 'cross courses is tiring, hard work!  Most of the time I spend the day before a race doing my usual ride and heading to the farmers market with the family.  Setting up a course is pretty much the opposite of relaxing - you're constantly hauling stakes everywhere and doing countless lunges to put flags in the ground.  I've said it before and I'll say it again, get out and find a way to help your local race promoter!

So the A-race started off pretty well.  The 35+, 45+, and A's all started together, which was cool.  It has been a while since I've toed the line with more than 12 other racers in a Michigan 'cross race.  Starting with double that just offers new challenges and things to pay attention to.
Things quickly sorted out into the usual groups.  Adding the masters into the mix was really neat because  the speeds aren't that far off of the back of the A's.  On Sunday I managed to get in a group with teammate Pete Thompson and west-sider Jeff Haney.  Both of those guys have been out of my league so far this year, so I was happy to be riding up to their level on Sunday.
After the first two laps we settled down into the group but it was a constant challenge just to hang on.  Between the heat and the previous day's efforts I was pretty much exhausted.  But one thing that was really nice was seeing my family every lap by the mini barriers.
Next up is the wooded, twisty trails of Linden tomorrow.  But I'm looking forward to racing MAD ANTHONY for the first time on the 22nd!

And for those that didn't get out to SVSU, check out BIG MAC's video:

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