Sunday, October 16, 2011

Linden 'CX

Kona, my copilot today, slept most of the way to and from Linden.
And if you didn't know, SKYNRD LIVES (outside of Ashley, Michigan)
Hard race today at Linden.  Although the course was changed from last year, the same flavor of eight thousand 180 degree turns in the woods was on par again.  I didn't even check to see where I finished in the results, but it was behind a few that I'd like to be in front of and in front of people I'd love to stay in front of.  But week to week it is about the same.  So if that put me 10th or 20th I don't really know, and to be honest when you're at the back of the field the motivation doesn't come from what number finisher I am week to week.

Next up is Mad Anthony, a race I have never done but have heard a LOT about over the past few years. If I'm not mistaken the first year of Mad Anthony was also the first year of the Ithaca Grand Prix.  It's part of the Stomach of Anger series, and there are a few battles going on for the overall points.

I wonder if or when we'll have a 'cross race that isn't bone dry this year?

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