Thursday, July 16, 2009

Grattan #2

Fun, hot, WINDY night out at Grattan yesterday.  A break went unexpectedly with about 7 to go into the windy straightaway.  On my turn to pull through we were strung out, and before I knew it I had a bit of a gap going into the turns.  I decided it was either time to go or time to sit in, and I decided to give it a go.  I bridged up to a group of five, but that dropped quickly to three.  With 3 to go the field was closing and I was fading, so I was consumed by the pack.  A small group kept a 5-ish second gap on us for the majority of 2 to go, which Surly man Marc Dettman managed to close.  A field sprint wasn't what my legs were up to, so I managed to stay out of trouble and get in a great workout.
Once again Kristie was out taking great pics all night.  Next up...Big M!

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