Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pontiac Lake

Meet the new Stumpjumper Comp 29'er.  I have never ridden a bike that is more fun to ride than this!  Big wheels are apparently the way to go...
Meet the flat friends.  Jeff had issues too today, but still managed to turn out some fast laps.
No such luck for me.  After a first lap that left a little in the tank for later, I flatted on one of the rock gardens.  One simple problem, I only had one 26" tube and a CO2 cartridge.  That didn't work out so well, as after about 2 min of riding on the newly stretched tube, it felt like I was running on another flat.  Fortunately the road crossing people from CycleTherapy had a pump and I inflated the rear to about 70 psi to see if it would keep air.  With the tube seeming to hole air, I decided to jump back into the race.  It was nice to finish but not nice to finish last.  What team am I on again?
Fun day today!  Milkjug #1 is on Thursday...I guess I should get a tube.


Pat Russell said...

Maybe you should convert those to tubeless. Good to see you still finished.

jbhancock said...

HA I've heard of these "tubeless" things you talk about...we'll see.

TP said...

JB - even with the managed a decent time and YOU FINISHED!!!!


Later :)