Saturday, April 11, 2009

A few from today...

Curt Potocki
Chris Gehrs
Jeff "Titanium Lil' Pony" Weinert
John Osgood
From left to right, Chris, me, Jeff, Curt, Brian, John, Scott?, and two I don't remember...
Attempting a legs were worthless
Tons of riders in the B's today with only one crash.  I did manage to get to ride in the grass once but didn't find any barriers.
Osgood showing who's boss.

Fun rides today but I'm disappointed with my legs.  Guess that is what happens when you don't put the time in that you need.  Hoped to feel better but the new 29'er absolutely rocked on its first trail day.  PLRA was in great shape and a bunch of people were out there.  We had a nice group and it was good to FINALLY get to ride with people!

Good luck to BRENT who will be amongst the greats at Roubaix!


Curt said...

That was fun riding PLRA and getting out and seeing everyone.
Great job in the race, 5 more months to get ready for the real season to start.

jbhancock said...

Exactly, but it is never too early to get some legs...!

chunky dunker said...

JB, Fun fun fun! That is all I can say! I hope I can dish it out in the B-class for cx this year. But until then I hope you come out and play with TSB in the MTB season this year... See U at Pontiac lake TT!!!!!