Sunday, November 30, 2008


Less than a week away and we're down to the 'cx state championships.  What are your predictions for next Sunday in Waterford?  

Elite Men
With the Wiz trying to regain the USGP jersey in Portland, the field will come down to the usual suspects minus the fastest guy in MI.  Will Card show up with his Ohio form?  Weinert is on his way back but Sari has shown he's the one to beat lately.  Foshag can't be counted out and neither can Vince.  Will DC and Ashley round out the top 5 this year?  Can't count out Mark P who gets my vote for most improved on the season.  Cory Stange and Jason Lummis will be in the thick of the pack.  Hopefully Todd Frerichs and I will remain on the lead lap...

Elite Women
Is there any question?  May the Schwartz be with you...

Master Men
In the 35's T-bone Ritter will hope to dig out another win, but he'll have to fight hard against Simon says and Kevin McGrew.  My math may be off but it looks like DC took the points series there already.  Selle and Baroli will fight for third, but don't count out Rich Stark if he races in the 35's.

In the 45's it should be Baroli fighting Mark W, but who knows what everyone will race.  The Princess Mike Seaman will be digging for a solid 45 minutes and can ride in the crap weather.  Don't count him out.  Joe Brown will hang on and once again finish in the top 5.

Any question here?  Trying for a perfect season, is Matt Willing to dig deep one more time?  Pete T and Patrick Russell will round out the top 3.

Single Speed
WAYNE (censored) COOK!  Osgood will fight for 2nd but who knows who else will come out and play with one gear.  If the weather is crap, Waterford could be the course of the year for a single speed.

John Osgood and Jason M will battle it out in the snow.  John's form is tip top but the two battled through the mtb season and will have to pull out all of the stops in the short race to come out on top.  In the 40+ category my vote goes to the Surly Marc Dettman.  Hands down winner there.

Post your top 5 for the Elite Men and whoever is closest will win a pair of Toe Warmers and a few Hammer Gels (apple cinnamon flavored).


... said...

Wow, not much trash talking going on this year. That could mean two things...
People are scared or they're ready !!

jbhancock said...

I know, I'm a bit surprised nobody is taking me up on the offer of toe warmers and Hammer gel...