Sunday, November 09, 2008

Iceman Cometh, Jake and John Rock-eth, Iceman Mis-eth

Iceman Cometh
I had a pretty good start, taking the "right" line at the first sand pit.  Within about 100m there were two crashes around me; one guy behind me buzzed my rear tire and bit the dust, and almost immediately after the guy in front of me tanked it.  Between those two crashes and the sand pit, that broke up the race nicely.  The rest of the race had me sucking wind fighting off a rare asthma burst.  Haven't had one of those for a while.  Needless to say it was a bit difficult to race throughout that.  Towards the last three miles I started to feel the ever-so-present Iceman Cramp-eth legs that show up for me routinely.  In the last quarter of a mile I had an EMU guy bump me hard while passing...nothing like fighting for 13th spot.  In the end 1:52.25 was 2.25 short of my "goal," which apparently wouldn't have even come close to the winning time of 1:40 in my class.  Hmm...

Jake and John Rock-eth
John Osgood's goal for Saturday was to break the two-hour mark, which he crushed by over four minutes!  He and the TSB guys had a tent close to the finish.  The race highight was when "Diesel" (don't know his real name...) rolled by the tent, picked up an open Guinness, and downed it by the line!  Those guys know how to have FUN at bike races.

Jake Rytlewski rocked the pro class to an 11th place finish!  Keep posted for an EPIC pic of
 Jake from 2000, rocking a DETROIT Lions kit.  A picture is worth a thousand words.  Stay tuned.

Iceman Mis-eth
Sunday morning we woke up to a light snow and much colder temperatures.  Too bad the most extreme weather on Saturday was a brief 15-minute session of light sleet for the pro race.  Maybe one of these days I'll be able to experience a "real" Iceman.  
Last year's state 'cx race substituted for one, and it looks like Munson will be cold this week.  Too bad I'll be in NJ for the USGP's!


chunky dunker said...

Thanks JB! I couldn't have done it without your help this year with the training plan! Good luck in NJ this weekend, and have some fun.

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Curt said...

It was fun hanging out after the race. Too bad the snow held off though, that would of made for a cool iceman.

See you at bloomer, I might even race!