Sunday, November 23, 2008

A few from today

A win for Mike

Osgood showed some sprint form to take his 2nd W in as many weeks...
Baroli dug deep and rode hard to finish 4th in the 35's
Selle chased HARD but couldn't close the gap...
T. Ritter showed everyone what's up with a W today
Mark Dettman came over again from G.R.
WEINERT rocked 4th today, looking stronger than a few weeks ago.

And I think I took 10th today, but we'll see when results get posted.  For the first time this SEASON I felt like I actually had power.  It was probably just my body thanking Robert for a course that I could actually RIDE instead of another weekend of running.  I was ready to hang up the bike had today gone badly.  It is mentally a terrific task to hang onto the back of the field all season with guys like Wiz, Sari, Foshag, and the Pony chasing me down from the front.  Glad things came around (a bit) today!  Thanks Curt for the pics.

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chunky dunker said...

Way to hang in there JB. You looked good from where I was. Live to fight (ride) another day!