Thursday, September 20, 2007


Just wanted to post a few comments I got in regards to the race...

"Great job putting on the race last weekend! Man...that was cool. There's something to be said for a race that you can't stop talking about......The course was great, the band was rockin' was a great atmosphere. I think I sped up everytime I got close to the band and running the stairs. The band was SUH-WEET!I hope to do it again next year. Thanks again for putting this together!"

"Huge props JB for putting on what I though was the best race atmosphere I've EVER experienced at a 'cross event in Michigan in my 10+ years...Thanks again!!"

"Three words to describe the race in Ithica today: AWESOME, AWESOME and AWESOME. Everything from the course, the band and the weather were picture perfect."

"The LIVE band "nervz end" was rocking in the "amphitheater of Pain" right next to the course pounding out classics from Mettalica, Soundgarden,Creed, AC/DC , Pantera etc through out the race. I swear my heart rate would jump 10 beats every time I had to ride near that stage. AWESOME"

"I hope this race gets bigger in years to come. The band and overall atmosphere was pretty cool....what a cross race should be, I'll be back."

"Good job with the race today. It was a really fun course and everything went really smooth, except for me not winning the alpha q fork!! The band was really good also. I hope you can host the race again next year."

"The first race I will be doing is the Ithaca Grand Prix of cyclocross. This is a new event and I am looking forward to the race. Being that it is the first race of the year it is going to hurt. I know this, and every year I look forward to this pain. I forget how much it is going to hurt, but I will be quickly reminded once on the bike."

Thanks again to everybody who came out and supported the event!

See ya.

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