Sunday, September 30, 2007

Bloomer CX

4th place today in the B-race. I'm rather dissappointed with that result for some reason, despite the fact that 4th is the best placing I've had in a 'cross race since I was 17 years old and demolishing the B's. Today I wasn't firing on all cylinders; I would attribute that to this past week's training block being the toughest of my life. Training through races can be tough mentally.

So there were only 16 of us at the start of the race today. I expect that number will increase next week at Stoney as the C race had 6,093 racers. As usual I got a good start and sat in the top 3 throughout the first 3 laps. On lap 2 or 3 I was sitting second wheel to Roger Bowser when he took a spill on the off camber turn from the tall climb by the velodrome. I managed to hold a front wheel stand for what felt like an eternity before I stumbled. Kristie and my dad (both spectating today...) said 7 people passed us right there. In addition, the eventual winner attacked and held the gap for the remainder of the race.

The following few laps saw a consistent chase group of Roger, Cory Stang, and the eventual 3rd place winner (name?). Cory had some tire pressure/traction and chain issues, Roger chased back to us and we mounted an unsuccessful chase and ended up sprinting as a strung-out group for 2nd through 4th. I guess I can't be dissappointed with 4th, considering all the elements at play today.

With focus, my training will get me where I should be. It is always tough racing when you know you shouldn't expect much. I definitely felt it a few times there today.

All the pics are from Kristie. Having a sweet cheering section helps when the legs get heavy! I was absolutely exhausted on the way home, and apparently so was Kona.

See ya at Stoney.

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rodger said...

thanks for the flattering picture. you should see the one of me on this guys blog...

great action shot eh. that one is going on the wall.

I won't be at stony - you should take it. Have fun