Friday, June 29, 2012

Sweat Shaker

Decided to hit up a mtb race at MMCC last Saturday.  The weather was warm and the new singletrack was pretty rough but that course is fun.  With the hot weather I was very concerned that my awesome cramping legs would rear their ugly head again.  I wasn't wrong but had done a lot to manage things.  

The start of the Expert 29 and under category was new to me as we took the pavement to a walking trail before first hitting the singletrack.  That was a nice change as it allowed for everything to string out.  The pace was fairly fast for the first lap but I kept things at a reasonable pace.  I think I had figured a few minutes before the race that this would be in my top five longest MTB rides for the year...  Not exactly confidence inspiring.  

At the start of the second lap I noticed my quads were starting to twinge.  That's a long lap to start with cramping.  I took things easy for a bit and pushed the pace when I could.  At this point I was fairly sure I was sitting in third and I hoped not to get caught for the last push.  

Rolling into the finish I had gone through a total of three full large bottles over a race that was just under two hours.  And drinking on that course isn't exactly easy to do.  But the cramps still seem to come back no matter what I do.  It'd be nice to actually race a mtb race some time!

Third was it for me, but I made some cash.

Have you registered for the Ithaca GP yet?

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