Monday, November 28, 2011

Holland, etc.

This is how these guys roll - tents and trainers and power washers.  They even bring their own fake lawns out for the show. 
Mike and I drove out to Holland yesterday to see what the Kiss Cross crew has been up to since my first 'cross race of the season at Plaster Creek Park.  For those of you that haven't been to race at the municipal stadium in Holland you're missing it.  Hands down one of the most enjoyable events both times I've made it out there.  Two years ago saw mud, and this year didn't disappoint:
Post-race goodness.  Note the lack of front straddle cable on my bike and the unique rear derailleur placement on Mike's bike.
But the real joy started before the Rick Plite countdown...  As I was standing at the start line fiddling with my brake levers I felt an odd snap from my front brake cable.  Sure enough (look closely at the above photo) I managed to pull the straddle cable completely out of the nut that secures it on my TRP's.  Oh well, it was slow and muddy so who needs brakes anyway.  Two years ago FARMER blew by me on a bike that didn't even have brakes.  I took the straddle cable off, handed it and the extra nut to Rick, and rode without a front brake.
I don't even remember how many laps we did, which is a change for Kiss Cross because usually we get to count our own laps.  I've been working hard for the past three months studying classical mechanics at CMU in order to get my counting abilities up to par.  Fortunately, in a drastic turn of events, Rick used an electronic timing system for the A's at Holland.  WHEW.

Consequently I have no idea how many laps we did.  I followed a Founders guy for 50 min + 1 lap thinking about how much fun it is racing in mud like that.  For the first time this year I got to roll on my Specialized Terra's in the mud.  They ride like the old Michelin Green's that are so coveted.

Holland Photos.

Next up is the Michigan State Championships held at Davisblurb (thanks for that one, Marc).  Don't forget to practice your shoulder presses and stair climbing before going over the flying rhinover.  You don't want to pull a muscle.  With all luck we'll have some interesting weather by Sunday...

Look at that orange wall sitting all smug just staring at you, daring you to try to actually run up it.
In other Tailwind news, check out Ten Mile Media's video from Bloomer Park.  Not only do you see a few of the Michigan greats, but you will also see a certain someone in a certain Specialized kit NOT GETTING LAPPED immediately after the scene with Tom and Sven sprinting it out at the line.  Oh yes.

Then the last race of the Michigan season is held at Midland on Sunday, 12/11.  Be there or don't plan on racing your 'cross bike in Michigan in 2011 EVER AGAIN.

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