Monday, November 21, 2011

Bloomer Park 'cx

Sunday's race at Bloomer was fun.  Last place indeed can be fun, especially when you take home a $40 gift certificate AND a t-shirt from Cycletherapy for winning the holeshot prime.  Unfortunately, doing so burned pretty much almost every match I had (that's sad...), so the rest of the race was rough.  I was hoping to stay on the wheel of fast TWTango Andy but just didn't have it.

In other news, Snuffleupagus was pretty upset after we rode over him every lap...  You just never know what you'll see at a bike race.  And you'll also never know the thoughts that run through my head while trying not to get lapped by the speedy duo of Sven and Burke.  I guess the above picture is a clue.

Have you been practicing leaping tall buildings in preparation for the Orange Crush at Springfield Oaks?
My back is already screaming at me and we haven't even raced there yet.

It is amazing how long it takes for the 'cross season to get here and how fast it goes once it is here.  Only three major races left in Michigan.  First up is the Thanksgiving spectacular that is Kiss Cross in Holland.  Last time I raced there it was a mud bath and it took me three days to get clean.
I bet you didn't know you could ride this slow on a 'cross bike...
Turn right then left, basically.
Then Tailwind hosts the state championships at Springfield Oaks.  Last time I raced there:

And then to cap off the 2011 Michigan Cyclocross season, the Tri City Cyclists are once again hosting a race at Stratford Woods in Midland (The Big Bad Wolf).  Last year the race was in October and Tom Burke won.  This year the course will be a bit different but still feature a lot of the trademark beach:


Surly Bastard said...

Thanks for the menu of upcoming events. Can't wait to see what's in store for BBW! Your courses always rock!

jbhancock said...

Thanks - we have good things in store! Now if the weather can get snowy it'll be a blast...

chunky dunker said...

You forgot about your profesional full beer "finished" PBR handup! But I called it out for you in my blog ; ) See you at states!