Monday, September 19, 2011

Waterford and Tommy Tsunami

Double this weekend at Waterford and MMCC for the new Tommy Tsunami race.  Waterford was tough as always.  It was the tale of two races - the first 30 minutes were ok but the last 30 minutes were rough.  Too bad the 1/2 race isn't 30 minutes long.  Scaling the flying rhinover gets old quickly.  A new staircase could make all the difference there.

Sunday was the Tommy Tsunami race at MMCC, which was held in conjunction with their fall festival.  The atmosphere was pretty neat - there was a car show and a few bands playing throughout the day.  The course was mostly what we had planned out with a few changes, including a brief singletrack / rooted section that shook things up a bit.  Jeff Adamcik, Mike Seaman, and I pushed the first lap pretty hard.  Going into lap two Mike and I were feeling the effects of Saturday's race and Jeff got a gap.  Soon I was chasing alone and it would remain that way for the rest of the 9 or 10 laps.  I slotted in 2nd and was pretty happy with that considering the difficulties from Saturday.

New file treads from Specialized were pretty sweet both Saturday and Sunday.  I've never used a set of file treads before but they hooked up great on the dry grass of Waterford and MMCC.  Even better is how fast they'll roll when it straightens out.  Now if that engine would just kick out a few more HP...

The team race took a new format this year - instead of us finding a team we all signed up and were placed randomly on a team.  This helped to level things out a bit and still made for a good time.  There were four teams of three and we each hit one lap as hard as we could.  I was on a team with Nate and Ben and we managed to narrowly beat the team of Mike / Tom / and Steve.

Bicycle HQ once again provided a few gift certificates for the racers which is always nice.

Don't forget - the RED ZONE race at SVSU is coming on October 9.  This is a great venue and an awesome place to race.

Have you helped your local promoter lately?

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