Sunday, September 25, 2011

Stomach of Anger - Lansing

Took 4th in the first Stomach of Anger race for 2011.  7 starters separated into two groups pretty quickly.  Wiz took a commanding win today on the grass criterium course.  Only one set of barriers (a double) within 200m of the finish.  Lap times were pretty long and parts of the old golf course were pretty bumpy.  Not shaken - baby - syndrome bumpy like Waterford, but bumpy.

The race split early into the front group and the back group.  There were three of us in the back group.  With five to go the Stomach of Anger rider put in an attack that took us about two laps to fully bring back.  Then crossing the barriers the Bissell rider had a small mishap, leaving two of us driving to the finish.  A slight mishap in the corner left me off the front with about a lap and a half to go.  I rode as hard as I possibly could, knowing both of those guys were back chasing hard.  I managed to hold them both off by the finish but only by about 100 m or so.  I was gassed.  Average HR was 181...

Mike Seaman snagged 2nd in the 45+ race as well.  But the best part of the day was seeing Kristie and Grace every lap - it was Grace's first 'cross race!

A-race results

Masters 45+ results - note I initially won this before they realized it'll be 16 years before I can race with those guys.

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