Friday, June 10, 2011

Woolly Race

Made it to the Woolly Race today with my fan club of three.  This was run similar to the Ithaca GP - lots of swag and an overall good time.  I raced in the "comp" class, which was the only class that ran 3 laps of the 8-mile course.  There was also a "rec" class, which only did one lap.  

The race started out with a fast rollout around a few soccer fields - complete with Saturday morning youth games.  Then it dumped into a quick section of singletrack, followed by grass doubletrack, more singletrack, doubletrack, more singletrack, and then more doubletrack.  The weather was perfect to start, overcast and probably 58 degrees.

Right off the bat a group of five separated themselves off the front.  I was in the second group but by the last lap two had jumped clear.  I ended up in a sprint for 8th which I lost by half a wheel or so.  The last 500 m or so was blazing fast doubletrack, pavement, and then grass.  I was happy with 9th (of 40 starters) and even snagged this fancy Park Tool BBQ set in the prize drawing.


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