Saturday, June 04, 2011

Buck Hill #1

Thursday night mtb race at Buck Hill saw 89 racers in the "advanced" category.  I managed one lap before the 6:30 start.  The course was apparently altered due to construction on the ski slope, but we climbed for the first probably five minutes of each twelve minute lap.  The rest was a mess of singletrack with a very fast downhill to the finish line.  Repeat four times and that's your typical Thursday night race.  I lined up towards the back of the pack, figuring I'd just see exactly how things would go.  With all of the singletrack passing is done pretty much only on the start climb and a few select spots in between.  40th out of 89 starters was all I had that day, but with a scene that big I'll be back next week to try and improve.

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Mister T said...

yo..get some sun on that pasty flesh.