Sunday, February 21, 2010


On Saturday Kristie and I decided to head to Burchfield in Holt to try skiing a new trail. The conditions were just ok...not great but not too bad. At least we were on snow! The temps kept warming throughout the trip and two hours was about all I could take.
And who would have thought that Kona is such a GVA fan. She watched Wellens ride away from the favorites with relative ease. She will be the first to admit she didn't stay awake for the entire race, but I know inside she wanted to. I still a amazed by the fact that ten years ago we had to wait six months to get a VHS copy to the states. Now we can watch as the action unfolds.
But to end the day on a sour note, my shifter blew up today on my ride, leaving me with only one gear to get home. First issue I've ever had with any Sram-made part, so I will have to get this fixed asap. Of course we're supposed to get hit tonight with more snow, so the roads will once again prohibit any outdoor rides. At least my 37 year-old snow blower is finally fixed!

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