Friday, February 12, 2010


Rough time of the year for biking in Michigan. That is unless you've found some magic way to keep your toes warm while riding outside. Regardless, I bit the bullet and registered for this year's edition of Barry Roubaix. Last year Mike Seaman and Wayne Cook represented in the SS class, so I figured I'd jump in with them for 2010. However, as soon as I dropped my check in the mail I remembered that this would officially start my season... Ugh. I guess that means at some point I need to get a bit more regular with my rides. Fortunately a snow day on Wednesday helped get the party started. Kona watched me (slept...) on the rollers while Kristie was out. Maybe this weekend we'll get on the skis again and make use of the weather.

Regardless, BRX should be a fun time. Can it turn into the new Iceman? Odds are the weather will cooperate... I'm looking forward to it.

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