Sunday, November 15, 2009


This morning's drive to Stoney seemed longer than usual. I packed both Tricross and Tricross SS, and didn't exactly know which I would be racing today. I decided to get to the park before the B's so I could get a few laps in on the SS. After a less than stellar warm-up I decided to bag racing in the elites and have fun with one gear for a change. Definitely one of my better decisions when it comes to racing this fall, as I had a great time finally RACING against people and not just riding around at or above FTP for an hour +. It was a nice change riding with people that I have never raced with before. Some were faster than I expected, and others were a bit slower.
Anyway, the race started off well with a good placement in the top ten-ish. Going into the sand I decided to run more on the first lap than ride, which was a good decision. My gearing was just a bit high though with the wet grass that followed the sand so I felt like I was S - L - O - W there. My only consolation was that everyone else was suffering just as much, which was good.
I managed to stick close to Eric but by the end of the first lap I was dislodged and in a group of 35's. The rest of the race was more fun than I've had in a while, learning how to keep momentum and get on top of gears during times when it is easier to roll. Anyway, six laps later I rolled across the line in 2nd place amongst the SS'ers. 2 + min down on Eric and 1 min in front of Wayne. It was a fun, cool, windy day for 'cross and I'm looking forward to lining it up at Bloomer!

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chunky dunker said...

The best apart about today for you was --- You were smiling! Great job. Just rememeber the single speed will not only make you a faster rider, it will make you a smarter rider. So keep racing it with the State Championship in your sites!