Friday, November 27, 2009

A few good friends

Black Friday didn't keep us from riding, but the roads almost did. Matt Jankowiak, Mike Seaman, and I headed out today to put in a few miles. Leaving around noon helped the temps rise just into the low 40's, but the traditional Michigan wind reared its ugly head. On our way out we encountered this, which involved a slight detour through the city.
The rail trail provided a nice break from the wind. Matt has ridden twice this year. Once was a week ago and the other was today. He's starting his base miles REALLY early this year.
We even managed to see an old friend.
Holland's KK race Sunday should be a good time. This weather has been amazing for training but hopefully will give way to the white puffy stuff for some skiing soon!


HankHill? said...

Where is that Dennis memorial. Hopefully we will have another memorial ride for him next summer and hopefully you can make it.

jbhancock said...

The memorial is on the rail trail on the south side of Saginaw to St. Charles. You can find it on the intersection of Swan Creek Road and the rail trail. There is a nice parking lot and rest area, with Dennis's memorial in a small garden.

Keep me posted on the memorial ride! I would love to be a part of it.