Thursday, August 13, 2009

Grattan and Pumpkins

Mike and I hit up Grattan last night.  I think he managed 6th?  Surprise appearance from no other than Tucker Olander, making the trip home only to show up and take 4th in the field sprint.
This in from Jolly Pumpkin!

Where:  Vets Park, corner of N. Maple and Dexter Ave.  Race will start/finish near the parking lot off of Dexter Ave.  Park there.

When: Wednesday. August 19, 6:00 pm, Racing starts at 6:15 or so

What:  STXCCX.  A short track-style race geared towards cross bikes.  What that means, only Stark Industries really knows.  It will likely be shorter than a traditional cross course with no barriers and at least one hill.  The emphasis will be on speed.  There will an A and B groups (if there is enough people).  The A group will race for 60 minutes and the B group for 45 minutes.  Race whatever group you want, on whatever bike you want, nobody is going to ask or care.  Awards will be given to the winners of both groups. Expects some premes and some hanging out afterwards.

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