Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Grand Tours as viewed from a mtb'er

On my way back from getting blasted around Hanson Hills on Saturday with Randy and Sally Vernon we started discussing the grand tours. Randy, a mountain biker, mentioned that watching the Tour de France has become just like watching professional wrestling.

Think about the last 9 tours. Lance x 7, followed by the first real open tour in 7 years (Phloyd is either innocent or an absolulte idiot), followed by another Johan B. team taking control. A bit repetitive indeed. Don't get me wrong, I still (personally) enjoy watching all of the tours, but 60 minutes through a Belgian park is quite a bit more entertaining.

TdF meets WWF Smackdown! Interesting point from a mtb'er...


Doug said...

absolute idiot.

Doug said...

He did it.