Monday, December 05, 2011

Springfield Oaks - Davisblurb Photos

That kit wasn't white anymore after the first lap. 
Watch out for this guy.  He's coming to get you B's. 
Not exactly sure what Mike was doing on the course to pick up so much trash in his wheels.
Drivetrain = crying
Sven, getting crossed up during his dominating ride.
Lil' Pony, the Lil' Mudd'r, rolling for 2nd.
Wiz, third.  Bike changes weren't quite as frequent as the 2008 New Jersey USGP.

After good intentions at the start I decided to bag doubling up with both SS and Elites yesterday.  Let's face it, I'm not nor have ever been a runner, and that showed badly after the third lap.  I was haunted and hunted by the orange gloves all day long.  Two good laps weren't enough to slay the SS race.  I have to say I was not excited after finishing my second lap (clock reading 20 minutes and something seconds) to see THREE TO GO.  Dang.  I'm not the greatest at mental math, but two laps in twenty minutes...umm...five laps in...uh...fifty-plus minutes?  I thought I signed up for the SS race?  Anyway, five was one lap too many because Killer Rich rolled by me on the fourth like it was his job.  Congrats to him for sticking it out, and congrats to Jim (TSB) on a hard fought third too.

Doubting the Stratford beach will look this good...
For those of you that didn't absolutely destroy your drivetrains yesterday, there is still ONE MORE race in Michigan for 2011...  Steve and Paul will be once again promoting the Big Bad Wolf cyclocross race in Midland.  I'll be designing the course so don't complain if it's too hard or too easy.  Weather right now is looking dry-ish and cold, but Midland got blasted over the past week with rain and snow so I'm not sure what that'll mean for ground conditions.

In addition to the beach, there is also a volley ball sand court that should be a nice playground for 'cross bikes.  If you have file treads you may bring those along...

Mini barriers will be BACK at Midland!
Here's a nice read on how to ride sand, just in case you need a refresher.  The Stomach of Anger points series is on the line, and there are a few close races.  They're also giving away a KHS cyclocross bike.

As seen at SVSU in their debut, Steve and Paul will once again pack the mini barriers for Midland.  When used properly, these provide an interesting element to the I ride or run?  Almost anyone can bunnyhop them, but is it faster to just get off and hoof it?  We'll see where they end up on the course in Midland!
Vintage JB

On that note, what happened to the good old days of the six-pack of barriers?  

Vintage Pony


BigMac said...

who is the source of the photos?

jbhancock said...

The beach came from the interweb somewhere...all the rest, including the vintage shots of Jeff and me at the Supercup in 2000 are from the hard drive and my digital camera.

BigMac said...

aah, so you are a mystery photog?