Saturday, April 03, 2010

Ithaca and Flanders

First, the Jailhouse trail in Ithaca was in awesome shape as of last night.  We'll see how this rain changes things, but it rocked.  A few locals even put in a teeter-totter as in North Shore-type stunts.  Looks like there will be a reroute around the two-track to finish up the loop as well.  It runs along the SE side of the track and hopefully is high enough to stay dry.
Kristie and I went out for a lap; her first time on the MTB this year.  She loves twisty mtb courses, and Ithaca pretty much fits the bill.

As for tomorrow at Flanders, here is my top three:
1) Fabian wins by this much...
2) Devolder nearly misses out
3) Hincapie jumps into third
Come on, George...

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