Monday, October 12, 2009


Chicago Marathon 2009

So Kristie came home in February this year and said she was going to run the Chicago marathon this year. She has never run this type of distance before, but she did some research and found a training plan that worked very well for her. This weekend was the big event, and most of our families were able to join us in the windy city for the run!
At the start Kristie was one of 46,000 starters in the chilly weather. Temps at the start were somewhere in the low 30's.
Things quickly warmed up into the low 50's. Due to a horrible messaging system from Verizon I missed her TWICE in the first 9 miles. Fortunately, just after mile 16 I was able to join up with her. I took my supercommuter (1998 Trek 930 SS with fenders) and put on about 35 miles in the city yesterday. I was in parts of Chicago that I had NEVER been in before...
Kristie finished in 4:24! I was so happy to see her throughout the day once I finally knew where she was on the course. It was great to see some of our family members out on the course too! Overall it was a huge success and I have never been more proud of Kristie. She set a goal and demolished it - she deserved it since she worked so amazingly hard all summer.

Next up for JB - USGP's in Louisville.


Curt said...

Great job Kristie!

Doug said...

Well, what was her time and average pace :)? And how did she place?