Sunday, June 07, 2009

Hanson Hills

Fun but exhausting day today at Hanson Hills.  Kristie and I drove to a friend's wedding in Glen Arbor on Saturday before driving to Boyne for the night.  Early today we drove down to Grayling for my favorite mtb race at Hanson.  
Between the leg burning climbs there is some of the best singletrack I've ridden.  Rolling without too many trees to smoke, HH is a great 10.5 miles.
  After taking it out waaaaay too hard I had to back things off for the 2nd lap.  Sure enough by the start off the third lap I was feeling the twinges in my legs that don't bode well.  It was a rough last lap but I managed to hold onto 2nd out of the small field of only 7.  
Good news is that I managed to make money for the first time in a long time racing.  Kristie braved to cold to snap a few shots...enjoy!

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