Friday, May 30, 2008

Milk Jug Racing - Cannonsburg

Again if you didn't make it to this race, you missed a fun time. Instead of an individual tt we started as a group, making the push to the first singletrack quite a challenge (my first mass start mtb event since the Iceman...which was 6 years after my last one...).

Let's just say that Cannonsburg has changed radically since I last raced there in 2000. I wouldn't doubt that only about a half mile of course is re-used in the new design. Unfortunately for me, the new course is incredibly twisty through trees, so I did my part in trying to hit a few.

I ended up 6th in the A-race...not bad considering who all was in the field. Nate Versilus crushed everyone on a singlespeed. Mike Seaman and Rick Plite remained slightly out of reach for me over the 16 mile race. Too bad that was the last race of the series. For a combined total entry fee of $30 ($15 per race), I walked away with $20 to the Daily Grill, a huge bottle of Hammer Gel, two pair of sweet DeFeet socks, and a bag full of Clif bars and Hammer gel.

Needless to say it was a fun race; I'm looking forward to racing at Hanson Hills on Sunday!

Man I can't wait for cyclocross...


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Milk Jug Racing

Wow, talk about my kind of race. Laid back, $15, TONS of prizes, and a fun atmosphere. Too bad I missed the first one.

Tonight Big Rich and I drove out to Ionia to race in the Wednesday night milk jug race. We met Napper, Seaman, and pretty much the rest of the Alma biking crew for a fun but slippy mtb time trial. On our pre-ride, which unfortunately was only 3 miles of the 8 mile loop, the rocks were quite slippery and threatened to put your face in the dirt at any moment. Since this was my first ever ride of the course there were surprises around every corner. I started fourth behind Seaman and little Chris. In the end I took 3rd in the A-group, losing to little Chris by only 7 seconds.

Sorry about the no-blogging lately...too busy riding I guess.

See you at Kensington and Frankenmuth.