Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bad news for US 'cross???


"According to Adam Meyerson, UCI Cyclo-Cross commision member, inscription forms and information on being a UCI event for next season are now available, and the deadline for registering events is just six weeks away, on December 15th.

Of note is the expiration at the end of this season of the UCI's exception given to North American promoters on minimum payouts.  Currently UCI promoters in North America have been allowed to put up half the value of the UCI mandated payouts.  These minimums are enforced at European races, but lowered to help further introduce UCI races in America.  It seems to have worked, with the record number of UCI races in the States today.  But if the higher payouts are enforced next year, we might see either fewer UCI races, higher entry fees, or expanded sponsorship needs to maintain the current number of UCI races.  With the economic crisis on hand, hopefully a quick recovery can help make sure the latter option is a viable one."

I have to agree, it seems like we have a ton of UCI races around the states this year compared with years past.  I have a feeling that increasing the payout in these events would effectively kill all but the largest ones...

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