Sunday, August 10, 2008

Well my first and last crit of the year is officially over without incident.  BTR this year was run in the opposite direction as last year.  Fortunately we raced early in the morning so this year was about 20 degrees cooler than last year's event.  

The race started off as any normal cat 4 race would go.  Not too much excitement except for the relatively wild sprint for the water bottles prime.  The $50 cash prime next went a bit more smoothly though.  About 30 minutes into the 40 + 2 lap event saw one of the WMCR riders get off of the front.  I decided to bridge the gap into the wind on the back of the course.

After the bridge we worked together for about a lap and a half before we were joined by another rider.  At that point the group decided it wasn't going to be our day and they picked up the pace.  Back into the middle of the pack I went to recover for the sprint.  The last lap went as well as can be expected.  I ended up 13th after having to brake in the last turn.  It was the typical sprint, slightly sketchy but at least nobody crashed.

Today the weather was nice and cool, which only gets me more excited for 'cx!

2 official registrants for the Ithaca GP...only 18 more spots to go until the Enervit bonus expires!



Doug said...

Sorry about the break, I deliberately dragged/pulled the whole pack right up to you three :).

What is the Enervit bonus?

jbhancock said...

I figured it was you! I've been away from the road scene for long enough that I figured nobody would really remember who I was...

The enervit bonus is a cheer pack and a gel. If you've never tried the cheer pack (retail for ~$5) they have quite a kick! They can often be seen on the pro tour used during the last 20k or so. Perfect for 'cx.

the michigan scene said...

better freshin up, cross is comin

Doug said...

I have you marked as my cross town rival :).

the michigan scene said...

I have you marked as my cross town rival :) hey dug, you bumpin up too?
as word on the tms street is...ol jb is hittin the big dog class up this season.