Monday, July 21, 2008

DVD & 'cross

When you get a chance check out and their weekly contest to win a free dvd! I won last week's contest so check them out...

Training is back on track with one minor set TCR broke so all of my hours are on my 'cx bike. Not bad to make sure I remember how that bike rides but I like my TCR. We'll see what happens but for now that means no road racing.

Yesterday I had a great ride with Matt Jankowiak in Saginaw when we were in town for my sister's birthday. It was good to see 4/5 of the family and get to ride with Matt too. We had a great time talking about old 'cross races in Michigan and how things were back when there were only A's and B's in the Tailwind series.

The 'cx bike is in great working order and I'm excited to race 'cross, but I have a long way to go before that first start. This year will be very interesting lining up with the best in Michigan for the first time since I was a junior. I'm looking forward to it but at the same time the goals for this year are very different than last year. Hopefully my fitness will come around and things will fall into place. If not, I'm only 25 and have lots more years to figure things out.



Doug said...

So, what video did you win????? Was it any good?

jbhancock said...

2001 Merrimack...haven't watched it yet!