Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Long time

Sorry it has been so long...lots has happened since December 3rd and my last post. Here's the quick catch up:

1) Kristie's JV basketball team rocks
2) After a month off of the bike I'm back on again
3) Today we had a snow day
4) I've been working a ton on the ithaca cx race
5) I teach at Delta now in addition to my normal teaching schedule...

Lastly, with the Ithaca event, I've been working a ton on getting things set in order to put on an even better event this year. When you get a chance, check out the website, http://www.IthacaGP.blogspot.com for up to date information. We're currently seeking some sponsorship help, so if you're interested or know anyone who is interested, call or e-mail.

That is going to do it for now...off to teach again!



Doug said...

What do you teach at Delta College?

jbhancock said...

Physics (trig based) and it is just one course right now.

lil pony said...

I like the new profile picture..

jbhancock said...

It's the beast in me.

Andrew said...

Hey, congrats on your win at Waterford! (A little late, I know...) You're teaching at Delta? Do you ever see my dad out there? Do you have a master's degree now, or do they not require that for adjunct faculty?

And yes, I agree that the new profile pic is cool.

jbhancock said...


No masters required for adjunct faculty...haven't seen your dad out there yet though.

Thanks about the win; I had a lot of good support from Kristie and the 'cx team to help me out! Not to mention Kona, who was a great silent supporter...next year will be 60 minutes of fun. At least I remember a bit what that feels like from the days as a junior.

Have you checked out the Ithaca GP site yet? You should try to get out here for that (Sept. 28)!