Saturday, June 30, 2007

Dexter Crit

Today's crit was overall fun, which is the goal with bike racing (at least for me...). I took 13th of 38 starters in the cat 4 race. Not my best result ever but 1) I didn't crash and 2) I didn't crash. I did, however, manage to win a prime (sunglasses) towards the end of the race. Those are always nice.

The big story from what I saw came during the 30+ race. It's amazing to see how strong some riders are...Bruley, Weinert, that guy from Indiana that won...really puts things into perspective. After the crash there was a nice split in the field that wasn't going to be brought back. Nice job Jon for taking a prime (another pair of glasses) and Weinert for taking 3rd, or 2nd in the state. Good show.

Kristie came with Kona, our new dog to watch the races. Kona was a pretty big hit...she's only 12 weeks old and now has a official pink bandana to make sure people know she's a girl (thanks to Shannon!). After the race we went to Shannon's house for lunch...then drove home with Kona sound asleep on Kristie's lap for the entire ride back home.

I pretty much can't wait for 'cross, but I'm sure as always towards the end of 'cross I'll be ready for the couch. It seems so far away but the first race is in mid-september, which is only 2 and a half months away. That's going to fly.

Hope you are all going to race cross this year...especially the race our team is putting on!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Better than last year...but...

So this year's Cedar Creek RR definitely went better than last year's for me, since I have all my skin and my bike isn't broken. Unfortunately, I can't say the same about a handful of other cat 4's, who crashed going UPHILL at around 18 mph. I understand riding with other people is difficult (I guess...) and when the pack starts to accelerate and stand up sometimes people freak out, but honestly...crashing while going uphill? That is a new low.

On that note, Kristie managed to capture a picture of the only three people I trust in the cat 4 field. From left to right we have Jason from Jack's Bicycles, me, and Roger. I met Jason during cx last fall (which obviously means he can handle his bike) and Roger from the winning break at Cone this year. Here are the three of us at the end of the 2nd lap.

So unlike last year, this year I stayed within the top 10 throughout the entire race, as to avoid such things like crashing going uphill. Everything was going to plan until we passed the 2K to go mark, when my left hamstring completely siezed. In 7 years of racing I have never cramped as badly or as untimely as that. Talk about dissappointing. I faded to the back of the field where I could barely pedal. I came in off the back of the pack, ticked off.
I guess in the end it was "successful" in the fact that I stayed upright. What ever happened to the Grand Blanc road race? Obviously the course wasn't amazingly difficult (or have 17 mile laps), but it DID have 2 lanes for cyclists during the first few miles and the last 4K or so. I know there will be crashes in all the races, but it might be helpful to actually have a road surface that would allow for a more spread out field, especially during the last few kilometers. The best thing about Cedar Creek is the fact that the course is twisty and not flat. The worst part is the condition of the roads and the narrowness until the last kilometer. If I could change one thing it'd be that.
Congrats to Jon Morgan and the masters 30+ team for nailing the finish for a win. Also the women's team in their debut. Matt Baroli managed a 2nd place in the 45's, and Jeff Weinert and Bob Hockin managed good finishes in the 1's and 2's.
Plans for me include riding, working on my house, and racing at the Superior Bike Fest next. This weekend is the Greek Festival in Saginaw, so that will be excellent.
See ya.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Gaslight and Cedar Creek

The Gaslight crit was awesome. All except for my racing, it was an awesome event. Mad props for the promoters!

Sunday marks my second attempt at winning the state road championships since my return to cycling. I'll see everyone there!

On the house note, Kristie is doing some sweet post move-in refinements. It looks great.

See ya.