Saturday, June 30, 2007

Dexter Crit

Today's crit was overall fun, which is the goal with bike racing (at least for me...). I took 13th of 38 starters in the cat 4 race. Not my best result ever but 1) I didn't crash and 2) I didn't crash. I did, however, manage to win a prime (sunglasses) towards the end of the race. Those are always nice.

The big story from what I saw came during the 30+ race. It's amazing to see how strong some riders are...Bruley, Weinert, that guy from Indiana that won...really puts things into perspective. After the crash there was a nice split in the field that wasn't going to be brought back. Nice job Jon for taking a prime (another pair of glasses) and Weinert for taking 3rd, or 2nd in the state. Good show.

Kristie came with Kona, our new dog to watch the races. Kona was a pretty big hit...she's only 12 weeks old and now has a official pink bandana to make sure people know she's a girl (thanks to Shannon!). After the race we went to Shannon's house for lunch...then drove home with Kona sound asleep on Kristie's lap for the entire ride back home.

I pretty much can't wait for 'cross, but I'm sure as always towards the end of 'cross I'll be ready for the couch. It seems so far away but the first race is in mid-september, which is only 2 and a half months away. That's going to fly.

Hope you are all going to race cross this year...especially the race our team is putting on!

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