Sunday, November 18, 2007

Munson cyclocross

(photo courtesy of Jeff Zimmerman)

So why not? Well I'm sure there were a few objections to the Big Boy knickers today. I guess I don't really care about those nay sayers. They were warm, matched the kit pretty well, and were obviously attention-getting.

Anyway, back to racing. From the gun Cory jumped off the front. I figured we would be able to bring him back and after a lap we were all back together. Tony tried a brief jump heading south on the gravel and got a small gap. By this time Cory had a mechanical issue and it was down to a small group. (Please excuse any mis-writing was cold and my memory seems to have a few gaps here and there) At one point with about 4 to go Tony jumped again on the gravel and was able to maintain a small gap over me for the remainder of that lap. For the next 2 laps that gap continued to grow and I was getting caught by David Morrissey.

David and I rode together for about a lap and a half. I figured I wasn't going to bring Tony in by myself and that wind was relentless today. I welcomed the draft. With the bell lap Tony was gone and I wasn't about to let David have third in a sprint. I attacked him in the sand (he ran, I rode) and maintained a small gap to the finish.

I have to be happy with 2nd today since I am still feeling the effects of the Iceman-crampeth race last Saturday. With two great weeks coming up here before the state championships I'll be able to recover and focus on what needs to happen to take down the state championship. Hopefully between Jeff and Joe we'll have a course BETTER THAN LAST YEAR with more laps and less back and forth on bumpy stupid grass.

The Big Boy is out.


Breezer said...

I love the knicks. You should where them more often.

Doug said...

You got beat by a 15 year old, you must be getting old.

Yeah, Waterford and CX just don't mix. You can't really do much at Waterford to make a decent CX course.

How about we just all bring our road bikes and race a crit...

Doug said...

Oh, and those tights are now your trademark item.

ask said...

I recall having to win a sprint for 2nd last year in the b's against a teenager at Munson. Getting old can be very painful! Great race and tights!!