Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Sorry for no post...not much to say really other than my races didn't go as well as I would have liked them to go.  7th on Saturday and 6th on Sunday.  

The Ithaca GP is coming along very well though!  Hopefully turnout will be where I want it.  That will have a huge effect on the future of the race.  

Hope to see you Sunday; I'll probably be too busy between now and then to make another post, but watch the Ithaca website for some updates.


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Kiss Cross #1 - Highland Park

Quite the mud fest out there today!  Terry and I drove out to Highland Park in Grand Rapids this morning.  It has been raining now for almost two days straight out here.  In Alma we're somewhere close to 5" as of now and it is still coming down.  I would imagine G.R. has been receiving about the same based on the course today.

Rick Plite of Kiss Cross put together a great course based on the conditions.  We only did eight laps in the A's, which ended up being pretty short but nobody seemed to complain.  There were two sets of double barriers and one in front of a slight hill.  Add to that two switchbacks (oddly enough the one on the uphill was very ridable while the flat one was sloppy mud about 4" deep) and you have a fun course.  

The A race started off like a gun, as to be expected.  Don Cameron and Steven Howard took it out hard and gapped everyone in their wake.  Rich Stark was up there a bit as well as one or two others that I can't remember at the moment.  I was in the chase group with 5th through 8th position for a few laps which included Simon Bailey and a Founders rider (name?).  The Priority rider in 5th place ended up blowing a gasket and dropped back pretty fast right about the same time that Simon and Founders put in an effort, which popped me off.  I ended up rolling in uncontested for seventh place around 30 seconds back of 5th/6th place (which ended in a sprint).

My body and bike were both covered with mud and it was a great day for a race.  At least it kept on raining today as if it had stopped we would have been breaking derailleur hangers left and right.  As it was my Michelin Mud tires were spitting up huge chunks onto me throughout the day.  The bike and clothing is all clean and ready for next weekend's romp over in Davisburg for  the Tailwind UCI Double cross!

Kristie is coming home from Florida tomorrow!!  I can't imagine why she would have wanted 90 degrees and sunny as opposed to this rain and clouds we've had...


Sales end TONIGHT for Ithaca GP t-shirts...if you're interested in one please head over to the registration page HERE and buy one. I won't have any available for sale at the race!

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Check out on this rainy Saturday. Hopefully Highland Park is getting drenched!

Sunday, September 07, 2008

T-minus one week

Mike and I rode out at Ithaca today.  Too bad there was a polka fest going on in the south a short amount of time the amphitheater of pain will be filled with the sounds of metal!

A week from today I'll be lining up with the boys from G.R. and probably a few stragglers from the east side at the Highland Park Kiss Cross race.  I'm excited to finally see how training has gone but that can have both good and bad results.  Let's hope they're good...


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Seven Sweetness at Star Crossed

Seattle’s Cascade Bicycle Studio has teamed up with Seven Cycles to offer both steel and titanium ‘cross frames with a limited edition, glow-in-the-dark paint scheme to celebrate the Seattle’s pioneering night race and ‘cross party, Star Crossed. The frames are being offered with an impressive 2-week delivery time, which means if you act quickly, you could even be riding your new glowing steed at this year’s Star Crossed.

Zac Daab, owner of Cascade Bicycle Studio and founder of the Hup United club (featured in Issue 2), came up with the idea of creating a ‘cross bike specific to his market and region. Daab thought the Star Crossed event, being the “queen” ‘cross event of Seattle, was the ideal race to inspire these specially-painted frames.

Glow in the dark paint? Will it last? Daab says the special paint, if cared for appropriately, can keep its glowing properties for several years. But the paint and reduced prices may not be the biggest selling points; it’s the 2-week delivery time that may be the biggest draw, according to Daab. “Typically, if you order a custom ‘cross frame during the season, it’s likely you won’t see it until the following year,” he explains. “With this Limited Edition project, the customer can expect to receive their Limited Edition frame in 2 weeks.”

Monday, September 01, 2008


1 Yakima AnkleBiter Deuce top mount bike rack (msrp $100)...and 1 Yakima Lockjaw top mount bike rack(msrp $85).  Condition of both are used and probably 7/10 to 8/10.  No locks but the plugs are still in place.  Fits ROUND yakima bars.  $50 for the AnkleBiter and $40 for the Lockjaw OBO.