Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Nationals and Masters Worlds

Read about the change in protol proposed for nationals and the master's world chamiponships on  CYCLOCROSS MAGAZINE.

A small group of about a dozen promoters made the trek to a snowy Colorado Springs this weekend to have what USA Cycling described as an “open dialogue”  to discuss the future of cyclocross. Topics on the table included making decisions on adding qualification time trials to determine start position to the Cyclocross National Championships, qualification races for the 2012 Masters Cyclocross World Championships in Louisville and whether Nationals would be moved to January.


Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A glowing review...

Leonard Zinn apparently likes the new Sram Apex group, as he details on Velonews.
The PG-1050 cogset is available in 11-23, 11-26, 11-28, and 11-32.  I'll put money on seeing the Apex as the new gold standard for budget-minded 'cross rigs, both from the factory and from the basement workbench.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

MMCC Rust Shaker

4th out of 14 starters in the Pro/Expert category today.  Even managed to take home some cold hard cash and a pair of gloves for Kristie (from the raffle).  Mike Seaman represented big time after a HUGE volume week in Kentucky by topping the Vet 40+ category.

Singletrack was the flavor of the day...

Paul Rytlewski made the trip just to get the pizza afterwards.

Photos courtesy of Kristie, who even found time to play with Kona.

Somehow my sponsor was left off of the list...I bet you can guess what was supposed to go there.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Paris Roubiax?

My top three.  Hopefully I can pick the winner like last week...

Big George finally learns that 44k out is NOT too early to attack/follow if you want to take home the big cobble trophy...

Breschel earns a favor or good luck from Cancellara but loses in the sprint to GH...

And Boonen realizes he's bitten off too much and fades for the final sprint, unable to match the accelerations of the two fresher racers...

Look for live coverage on www.cyclingfans.com Sunday morning!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

Ithaca and Flanders

First, the Jailhouse trail in Ithaca was in awesome shape as of last night.  We'll see how this rain changes things, but it rocked.  A few locals even put in a teeter-totter as in North Shore-type stunts.  Looks like there will be a reroute around the two-track to finish up the loop as well.  It runs along the SE side of the track and hopefully is high enough to stay dry.
Kristie and I went out for a lap; her first time on the MTB this year.  She loves twisty mtb courses, and Ithaca pretty much fits the bill.

As for tomorrow at Flanders, here is my top three:
1) Fabian wins by this much...
2) Devolder nearly misses out
3) Hincapie jumps into third
Come on, George...

Thursday, April 01, 2010